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Okay, so all my ideas may not be extraordinary, but most of them at least fall into the idea category. I have also included my thoughts and comments about all things related to weddings and events. I'll even throw in a few things not at all related, just because I wanted to talk (or vent) about them. Have fun!

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    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    It's All About Presentation

    While I was browsing through Martha Stewart Weddings this month, I saw these cute ideas for presenting the rings.  It is always fun to come up with a unique way to present anything, but at a wedding it's even more of a priority.
    For a seaside wedding or just for the bride that loves the beach, this beautiful shell is a simple idea.  Painting the inside gold makes it glamorous, and securing the rings with a satin ribbon adds elegance.  What  a beautiful, simple and inexpensive idea!
    If you feel that your love is more like a classic romance - then this book idea may be more your style.
    Secret Safe Books will take your favorite romance novel or book of poems and turn it into a cute ring "safe" for your wedding.  They glue the pages together, cut out a little nook and use magnets to secure the closure.  This would make such a great keepsake!

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